G.E.T LoveIn 2017

HOME = Love + Caring + Shelter, which is the  most comfort place for children. 'HOME' is the concept, the idea and the feeling that we design for the children.

All function rooms are connected by the courtyard, which is the centre of the building. Children can play safely inside the garden and all rooms can share the views and nature lighting from the courtyard. Floor pattern is highlighted by ' Cerdisa & Cisa' tiles. the idea of the chaotic form comes from the 'Pentagon House drawn by child'. It gets most of the attention and attraction of the whole city, expresses the importance of the 'HOME'.


Tel: 852-25453467 / 852-91288788

Email: info@uccadesign.com.hk

HK address:Unit F, 8/F Golden Sun Centre, 59-67 Bonham Strand West, HK

China address: 廣州市五羊新城廣興華花園南二街一巷22號


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